Asil Toksal: Healer and channel

In a moment of deep spiritual experience Asil connected to the channeled guides several years ago. At that point, he was not aware these guides were of the angelic realms. The intensity of this experience left him in a state of bliss, deep clarity and questioning all aspects of life, setting a milestone in his current phase of life. He was given a choice to work with the guides from a blank slate, which would require him to let go of any past traditions, rituals, healing methods, dogma, and teachers that he had learned. So he decided to travel and spend time in as much quiet contemplation as possible, as the guides were adjusting his system physically and energetically. All these changes physical and energetic in nature happened, so the guides could work through him, without negatively impacting his system with the high energy that passes through, as Asil channels.

Asil has been on the spiritual path and working with healing methodologies for more than 18 years. In those years, he has acquired many teachings by masters, initiations by lineage holders of various traditions from South America, North America and China. During this time he also served as a CEO and corporate executive in the traditional structures of society. All aspects of his past have contributed to who he is today.

Website: https://asiltoksal.com/

Videos and transcripts of his channelings: https://asiltoksal.com/category/channelings/

A new mindset to explore life's challenging questions
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A new mindset to explore life's challenging questions
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