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Diane Hennacy Powell, MD: Johns Hopkins-trained savant researcher

Diane Hennacy Powell, M.D. is an author, researcher, public speaker and practicing psychiatrist who started as a neuroscientist before obtaining her medical degree and training in medicine, neurology, and psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University. She became a member of Harvard Medical School’s faculty and later an original member of the La Jolla Group for Understanding the Origin of Humans, a think tank at the Salk Institute with several world-renowned neuroscientists and Nobel laureates. She has spoken at international conferences such as Towards a Science of Consciousness and the IONS annual conference. Her research findings and hypotheses about the brain and psi are published in her  book,The ESP Enigma: A Scientific Case for Psychic Phenomena. 

Her current research focuses on autistic savants. Their abilities are so similar to psychic phenomena that they defy the current paradigm about the brain and consciousness, but unlike psychic abilities, theirs are accepted because they are reproducible. Her current project investigates savants who also report psi. She is also collborating with her brother, theoretical physicist and artificial intelligent expert Ken Hennacy, PhD., on creating a model for understanding consciousness and the quantum world.

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