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Laura Lynne Jackson: Psychic medium

I am a wife, a mother of three, a high school English teacher—and a psychic medium.

In my life I have read for hundreds of people and connected them with loved ones who have crossed to the Other Side. I have learned that powerful cords of light connect us to those we love, both here and in the afterlife—and that if we open our hearts and minds to these bonds, we can immeasurably enhance the way we live and love today.

Now, I want to share the lessons I have learned from the Other Side. And the most amazing among them is this—that we may think we are just one small person on a very big planet, but all of our lives have extraordinary meaning and purpose, and that purpose is always about learning to love and help each other in our beautiful journeys.

I invite you to embrace the brightness and power of your soul—and to share your own beautiful light with the world.

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